New exhibition coming soon

September, 2013 – “ReWizje” exhibition at the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim. More details soon. Follow me on Facebook – Barbara Dulnik Gallery For more information please contact me.

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Something new…

My gallery is growing. Today, I’ve added some “figure studies” I made. A figure study is usually a quick work (drawing or painting), giving a possibility of improving skills of drawing (painting) and observing a human body. It’s also used to learn human anatomy and to show a figure in a specific pose. The works […]

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Hello friends!

My dear friends, Since I’ve lost my previous website, I decided to get a new one. Here You’ll find some of my works: portraits, landscapes, compositions and many more. You can also see photos of some of my exhibitions. Soon, I’ll put some info about my second passion – home design and décor. You can […]

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